Below you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions, if you’re unable to find an answer to your question then please do contact us.

1. Can I get immediate cheap insurance cover?

If you are able to pay by debit or credit card then immediate insurance cover can by arranged by calling 0161 302 0842.

2. Does my insurance policy cover me abroad?

Most insurance policies now cover you free of charge to drive in any EEC country under those particular countries minimum insurance requirements. Please be aware that this insurance cover is usually minimal, and to obtain the equivalent insurance cover that you hold in the United Kingdom or insurance cover outside. of the EEC, please call 0161 302 0842 for further details and charges.

3. Does my insurance policy cover me to drive other cars?

The driving other cars extension to your car insurance cover differs with each insurer and each individuals circumstances. If this insurance cover is granted by a particular insurer, insurance cover on the other vehicle is restricted to Third Party Only. To find out if you are entitled to these extensions please call our number.

4. What does No Claims Bonus mean?

No Claims Bonus represents the number of years which the insurance proposer has held an insurance policy without making an insurance claim or having an insurance claim against you. Any No Claims Bonus you have earned can only be used on one insurance policy at any one time.

5. What is an Excess?

An excess is whereby you pay an initial contribution to the first part of each and every insurance claim made against your insurance policy. This can be one of two types, either a compulsory excess, which is stated as a compulsory policy requirement and cannot be changed. The second type is a voluntary excess which is agreed between yourself and the insurer prior to conclusion of your insurance contract. Generally the higher the voluntary excess agreed, the cheaper your insurance premium becomes.

6. What happens to my insurance if my vehicle is modified?

Modifications that alter the appearance, performance or value of your vehicle, maybe acceptable, however, you will need to refer these to us on individual basis. Please call  0161 302 0842.

7. What happens to my insurance if my vehicle is imported?

Imported vehicles can be covered; however you will need to refer each case to us where we will look at the risk on its own individual merits.

8. Can I pay for my insurance by instalments?

Yes, you can pay for your insurance via installments, Please contact ensurecover.com insurance office to discuss the various insurance terms we have available on 0161 302 0842.

9. What happens to my insurance if I have a disability or medical condition?

Certain medical conditions or disabilities that can affect your ability to drive must referred to the DVLA to find out more you can visit their website at dvla.gov.uk. These may have an impact on your insurance policy to find out more by giving our office a call.

10. What do the different levels of insurance cover me for?

There are usually three different levels of insurance cover available for motor insurance these being:

Third Party Insurance Only – This most basic level of insurance cover available and covers you for third party death, third party injury and third party property damage.

Third Party Fire & Theft Insurance – This insurance covers all of the above plus fire, theft cover and malicious damage of your vehicle (subject to insurance policy conditions).

Comprehensive Insurance – This insurance covers both of the above plus accidental damage to your own vehicle, some insurance contents cover may be included. You may also be covered for personal injury (subject to insurance policy conditions).

11. What are classed as fault and none fault insurance claims by insurers?

A none fault insurance claim is an insurance claim whereby your insurer is able to recover their costs from a third party. A fault claim is any claim whereby your insurers are unable to recover their costs from another party. Remember you earn a no claims bonus not a no blame bonus and therefore even though you may feel you are not to blame e.g. theft of your vehicle, this is still classed as a fault claim as your insurer is unable to recover their cost from anyone.

12. What is protected no claims insurance bonus?

This is a additional extension to your insurance policy whereby your insurer will allow you to make a certain number of fault claims in a set period without these claims affecting your no claims bonus.

13. How can I find out what insurance group my vehicle is?

To find out what insurance group your vehicle comes under please visit abi.org.uk.

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