If you’re retiring and want the full value of your business, or if you wish to sell to persue alternative business ventures. ensurecover are the right brokers to protect your legacy, staff and assets.

Whilst the sale might be an all or nothing process, a total sale doesn’t necessarily mean that the vendor has nothing more to do with the business. Whilst the seller might not own the business anymore, we are more than happy to discuss the vendor staying on to run the business moving forward.

Why Insurance Brokers?

With every acquisition of an insurance broker, we have on every occasion represented a safe home for its staff and clients alike. Selling an insurance broker is like selling your life’s work‚ it is essential to have some comfort that the qualities and values that you have developed will be respected.

If you are interested in selling your insurance broker business, contact why not get in touch to arrange exploratory meeting or to move quickly to sale?

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